The Important Stuff

Over the past few months we’ve had a few friends dealing with significant things in their lives. Life changing things. This coupled with changes going on inside of me have really made me think about what is important to me. I’ve written several times that this year will be the finishing up of some commitments that I hope will free up some time for me to commit more time to the things that matter.  One of those friends recently wrote on facebook “What I think about, I will become, like it or not.” This struck me and made me realize I’ve been filling my mind with stuff that really is not all that important. I have much bigger and better things to be spending time thinking about. One of those things is my family and another is my awesome wife.

As such, I looked back over our recent trip to California. We did all the super tourist things such as Legoland, Sea World, and the San Diego Zoo. But you know what, my favorite memory of the whole trip was walking on the beach with my family. Below I am sharing my favorite images from the trip. I may do something with these 4 images. I’m not certain what yet, but I want to print them just for me and hang them somewhere I can always see them.

Coronado Beach @ sunset - San Diego, California
Ocean sensation
My greatest gift

I know this post is sorta heavy. It is just what is on my mind today. I’m looking forward to my weekend with my family. I’ve got a lot of catching up to do after being gone for a bit. I suspect I’ll get out for a ride too.

Now…I gotta get to work.  Have a great day and an even better weekend.

2 thoughts on “The Important Stuff

  1. What a beautiful photo gnat. (I’m focusing on the last one of your family.) The nicest photo I’ve seen in a long time! Congratulations on having such a lovely family. And I echo the sentiments you’ve expressed here. I need that too. There’s so much profound simplicity-of-the-true-things-in-life found in this photograph.

    Best wishes,
    the Old Man.

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