2011 Dirty Kanza in pictures

Orginally posted on June 7th, 2011

Still can’t come up with words to recap my race. Since folks have been writing and texting me wondering how I’m doing and if I am OK here is the short version. I felt great strength wise and as I wrote yesterday, I felt strong into 100 miles. I rode my race and my pace. My body did not like the heat. By mile 100 all my contact points with the bike had become numb. I thought this was strange as I had training rides that were longer in both miles and duration. I had lost feeling in my right foot and my hands had begun blistering. My bottom wasn’t jiving with the saddle. I would stand to relieve my bottom and my hands would hurt and my feet would burn. I would ride no handed for a bit then my bottom would hurt. It was a constant cycle of pain or burning. I did not want to endure another 100 miles of it.  I got on my bike after some rest at the second check point and decided that was it. This was not for me. Considering it is now Tuesday and one of my toes on my right foot is still buzzing and the palm of my right hand is numb, I’m confident I made the right decision.

I have a lot more to going on in my head right now that will eventually come out as well as a lot of great experiences. Despite what it sounds like, this event was a highlight for me. I still rode 100+ miles through some of the most beautiful land in our great country. It was great seeing all my old friends as well as making new ones. Thanks to Jim Cummins, the Mohns and the City of Emporia. It’s doubtful I’ll be back next year given what dreams I have yet to tackle and what I see in my future. I may be back someday. Who knows? Right now though, that’s all I have to say so at this point pictures are going to have to do. Hope you enjoy the pics.


That was my day. Beautiful morning. Stunning scenery. A great ride. Good people. Heat. Suffering. Joy. Relief. All in all a great experience.

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