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  • 2010 Dirty Kanza – My Race Day

    2010 Dirty Kanza – My Race Day

    Orginally posted June 8th 2010 I’m still sorting out race day.   It feels sort of like a movie that begins by showing the last scene first followed by clips and scenes leading up to the fateful ending.    My day ended early.  Earlier than I planned.   Here is my story.   (Warning – This is a long…

  • 2011 Dirty Kanza in pictures

    2011 Dirty Kanza in pictures

    Orginally posted on June 7th, 2011 Still can’t come up with words to recap my race. Since folks have been writing and texting me wondering how I’m doing and if I am OK here is the short version. I felt great strength wise and as I wrote yesterday, I felt strong into 100 miles. I…