Finding Peace in Paradise

For those close to me, and in some cases just being around me, it’s no secret that my last year has been incredibly stressful. While most of the stress is work related, there is some that is simply my own to own. I am an achiever and I like to please folks. I like to perform. I carry my stress outwardly and take it home … Continue reading Finding Peace in Paradise

Up North – A quick getaway to winterwonderland

Last Friday after the kids got home from school my wife, kids, dog and I headed up north for a private get away. I think it was our introverted tendencies reacting to hosting Christmas at our house. We wanted a quiet place, away from all the rig-a-ma-roll of the city. We arrived late in the evening to a beautiful small cabin.  I think this is … Continue reading Up North – A quick getaway to winterwonderland