From Sun Down to Sun Up in Duluth, MN

I spent the weekend in Duluth, MN. We were up there for State Honor Band. My son auditioned and made the grade 6-8 state honor band. Super stoked for him. I was excited too as I love Duluth. It is a photographers paradise as well as the gateway to the north.  Some may know it probably my favorite place on earth.   I love the big … Continue reading From Sun Down to Sun Up in Duluth, MN

Finding Peace in Paradise

For those close to me, and in some cases just being around me, it’s no secret that my last year has been incredibly stressful. While most of the stress is work related, there is some that is simply my own to own. I am an achiever and I like to please folks. I like to perform. I carry my stress outwardly and take it home … Continue reading Finding Peace in Paradise

Landrun 100 – Beauty in the Chaos

I went down to Landrun 100 last weekend to ride, support my friends and to be inspired. I came home filled with love, joy and inspiration. For the first time in 3+ years, I suited up and showed up at the starting line. Some may wonder why I chose this muddy race to re enter gravel racing but I can tell you it was perfect … Continue reading Landrun 100 – Beauty in the Chaos