2014 Minnesota State CX Pics

I only managed to get out to the senior mens/u23 race today but it was worth it. Temps were in the mid 50’s with overcast skies. The snow had mostly melted. The course was a black, muddy track. It was like a giant shadowbox everywhere! I could not have asked for better cross weather. I also took a chance and shot most of the series … Continue reading 2014 Minnesota State CX Pics

Desert Ramble – The People!

After a week of exploring the desert southwest with 9 others and after 17 hours of driving, I am back in MN. I left the desert tired & inspired and returned to snow. Crazy. Yet, even with snow I can’t curb my enthusiasm for this past trip. While it didn’t go as planned, it took its own life and it went perfectly as it should. … Continue reading Desert Ramble – The People!