Gnat’s River Ramble

Orginally posted November 29th, 2011

It’s been almost a month since my first River Ramble. I left for Hawaii the following day. Other than a quick and dirty post and slideshow, I haven’t really shared many images. Today I’ll share a few more pics I like and a few I love.

First up is my current set up on my Mukluk Ti showing of the new framebag and new tires. Big Fat Larry in front and a Nate in the rear. This set up simply is perfect and the frame bag with the extra flare seems cavernous. I think I have found my new fatbike set up for all conditions.

Now onto pics. Hope you enjoy them and stay tuned for another River Ramble ride. Assuming I get checked out OK at the doc later today and my shoulder actually starts to heal, I’ll be doing another one of these sometime in December.

Part of exploring and rambling is finding new routes, new places and new things (including junk). This old car was a bit off the trail. I really dug it and I plan to get down there and shoot this again in perfect snowfall. I have an idea for some shots. I can’t wait to take them and hopefully share them.

After car #2, no more junk cars were found. We just rambled on.

And for my last image today, I share one of my favorite images from the ride. The Adventure Monkey is off trail and exploring. I love it because of the green grass and blue sky. It’s also cool because I got to ride with Eric.

I love blue sky, riding with friends and exploring. I also love rambling on my Mukluk. Stay tuned for River Ramble II.

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