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Vignettes of Steamboat Springs – Moots Cycles!

Greetings from Steamboat Springs, Colorado! Jen and I have the good fortune of staying here for a month thanks to my brother and his wife. That, however, is a story for another day. Today, I am bringing you the first vignette from our big adventure. I can’t get today’s experience out of my mind. It was incredible and I wanted to share it right away.

Moots Cycles is where dreams come to reality and titanium wonder bicycles are made. I have been a fan of moots for years and while I had been to Steamboat a few times, I never was able to work in a tour. Thankfully, my dear friend Bobby Wintle connected me with Jon from Moots at Mid South and then again this week. Jon offered a tour and I jumped at the opportunity.

I have been in many bicycle frame manufacturers in my 30+ years in the bicycle industry. Yet, I had the excitement and anticipation of a teenager going on a first date or getting a first kiss as I walked through the doors. I have a close friend that texted me that “Moots is where titanium angels get their wings.” Another friend told me that “That’s where unicorns hideout and make frames.” Joking aside, Moots has an incredible history of meticulously and impeccably crafting the finest frame sets, components and bicycles in the world.

I spent a couple of hours at Moots. Jon took me through the whole place. The place was spotless. The people were incredible. 3 dogs at the office, one of which followed me around cautiously and gave me a tiny and delicate dog kiss! The process and control they have with doing almost everything in house in unreal. Truly an incredible experience. We mostly talked, but you know me, I snapped a few pictures and wanted to share them with you. I want one so badly now! Scheming. Hope you enjoy.

Fun Fact – I rode Routt 45 the day prior to my tour. It is the namesake of one of their models, the Routt 45! I kinda feel like I must sell, beg and barter to get on of these bikes now that I have both ridden the route as well as toured the facility.

4 responses to “Vignettes of Steamboat Springs – Moots Cycles!”

  1. Great place to be. We did visit Steamboat a few years ago, best place on earth I would say. Best person to met (Jon) and also the people at Moots!!
    Great you did like it.
    I hope to get back… one day…
    gras, Peet, The Netherlands Europe

    • Thanks for the comment Peet and I think you are right. Steamboat may be the greatest place on earth. I am enamored with the roads, the people and the views! Hope you get back soon! Cheers!

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