Some time away with friends – Spring Break 2017

I know, it’s been silent here. Like most posts I have written in the past year, I start with I have been busy. This past month has been no different. We did, however, take a much needed break to Mexico for Spring Break. We went back to the same area we went two years ago except we were one bay south of where we stayed last time. We also went with our close friends from Colorado.

I am going not write much about the trip. I needed it. I didn’t read a single email while away and every single day I got up early to watch the sunrise and have coffee on the beach or on the deck/patio of our rented home.

I love being away with my family. It is my most happy time ever when we are all together.   So with that, I am going to just leave up some pics for friends and family to look at. Drop me a comment if you want to know more about where we stayed or anything like that.

Click on any image below to go to slideshow mode.

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