I fear that I might lose my Minnesota citizen’s card by what I am about to say, but I feel I must confess. I have not been to Minnesota’s State Fair in over 20 years.  There, I said it! This past week though I redeemed myself. I took a day off after working 13 days straight and took my kids to the fair. We did it all. Had a blast. Spent tons of money. Ate until we were sick. So good.


It was great walking through the fair and remembering all those years I spent there as a youth in 4H. Some of the stuff was the same. Some was different. I’m a farm kid so the all you can drink Milk booth was still my favorite. Ice cold milk. Nothing better.


The kids and I had a blast. I brought two cameras, my digital with a 50mm fixed prime and my Fuji Instax. Wanted to have some fun and thought it was appropriate.  Below are the images. No deep words of wisdom here other than make sure you spend time with your kids. This day was incredible and just what I needed to recharge and reconnect with my kids after being in Europe for the week prior.

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