Full Manual

As I prepare to head out on a tour all my friends are posting up their rigs. Me? I am set there as you will see below but I am just as excited about my camera gear. Going newish old school but back to full manual. All lenses ate 15-40 years old. Going to move away from the run and gun burst autofocus. Going to control every aperture and shutter speed settings. Intentional shooting is what I seek on this trip. I have never gone this route before and I am excited to see how it goes and what I come home with. 


Oh…..And here is my bike taken with the tiny, vintage, collapsible 50mm shown above right.


See you all in a couple of weeks. I am checking out for a bit.

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  1. MDSeaburg@comcast.net October 31, 2014 at 8:37 am

    Hey Gnat, I’m jealous and look forward to your full report. I found out about your trip after I signed up for La Ruta de Los Conquistadores, which is also next week. That will be fun too but I’m more of a bikepacking guy. Have fun and take lots of photos. Mark Seaburg    


  2. […] few details for the camera geeks. I shared my camera gear in the previous post but I will give you a few more details here. I shot all the bike portraits with the 30 year old […]


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