Fatbike ramblings

As I head out to Intebike I leave you all with a sort of brain dump of fatbike ramblings that have been going on in my head. No doubt will I see fatbikes everywhere at this year’s show. I mean EVERYWHERE. Wow. Eurobike had 30+ suppliers showing a fatbike of some sort. But….I don’t really care. Fatbikes truly are the most versatile and capable bikes made.  Period.  Now, I know I work for a company that makes them, but everyone should have one and with prices now spanning low to hi, for most cycling folks fatbikes are mostly within reach.


I’ve also been riding the heck out of my fatbike. As I prep for my fall tour, fatbikes and all associate gear have been on my mind. I’ve been putting in some miles. I am far from ready, but I am feeling better about the idea. Here are a few shots from recent trips.

GNAT_fatbikeramblings_5 GNAT_fatbikeramblings_4 GNAT_fatbikeramblings_3

I have been riding my friend Justin’s Salsa Blackbarow and I must say it is likely my favorite fatbike I have ridden in terms of geometry. That bike just plain rips.  However, after this week, I have decided to go back to my trusty titanium Mukluk. For one I own it and I think I want to try to make the following work. I think it will be perfect for this trip and I have a few tricks up my lefty sleeve.  I finally finished it on Saturday and got a quick dirt run in on it (my fastest lap at Lebanon Hills so far this year!). Hope you like it.


It’s time to start hanging bags on my dirt bike as well as making a few modifications so I can carry more water.

Lastly, I know fatbike haters are gonna hate, but I think they are the greatest and most capable bikes manufactured today.

5 thoughts on “Fatbike ramblings

    1. Kenn I believe we have been exchanging mail about this but just in case I bought my kit from Mendon Cycle Smith. I would contact them first.

  1. I did put it together finally, you are Jason? I just took delivery of my Ti Mukluk yesterday. I’ve never thrown a leg over a fatbike till yesterday and I purchase this one. Sounds crazy to spend that kind of money with zero knowledge of fatbikes but I didnt want to waste time and money working my way to what I believe I would want in the end. If I was gonna lose any money it was gonna be on depreciation from a used bike not alot of parts trying to upgrade less desirable parts. All I did was put the bike together and ride around the neighborhood a bit but, I can tell already Im gonna love this bike. Let the fun begin! Which tires do you like the best for front and back and why? I’ve found numerous you tube video and print about going tubeless, do you have any opinions about methods or products? Thank you!

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