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A Day In The Country – 04-06-14

While I had high hopes to share some thoughts, images and experiences with my Surly Krampus, I just never got to it because I got distracted by the incredible weather outside. I could have taken another hour to finish my new Salsa Fargo, but I did not have time. My window of opportunity would have shrunk and I wanted to be out in the country.  So…With wanderlust in mind I grabbed my Salsa Vaya Travel and hit the road.


I headed south into the wind. I had a destination in mind; Goodbye Blue Monday coffee shop in Northfield, MN. I chugged along on pavement for sometime until I just go bored of slogging into the wind. The next thing you know I turned onto a gravel road I had not gone down before and that was about it for my destination.  I found myself zig zagging across the county side with a big grin on my face.


Much like my expectation to write about the Krampus today, my final destination just wasn’t going to happen. I found myself east of Northfield and I did not want to turn back into the wind for the several mile straight shot to Northfield. Instead, I wondered through the countryside dreaming of trips I want to take and places I want to visit. I dreamed of photo projects and fun stuff do with with my family. Heck, I even mentally processed some work and prepared my mind for what I expect to be a very trying and difficult week.


Surprisingly, our roads were in very good condition. Many of them were like pavement and when the wind was at my back, I felt like a champion. Truth be told though, I was suffering. I was smiling for being out there but my body was suffering. Given I’ve taken almost 1.5 years off of consistent riding my body pretty much hates me and was screaming the whole time. I kept telling it that this is how we get back to normal. Several weeks of this and it will feel good…Ok maybe not good, but better.


One of the things I’ve been dreaming about is living in the country. I dream of building a small family shack with a work studio.  While this image might be a little too extreme to keep my family happy, the idea is right. Less stuff, less space and a workshop for me to pursue framebuilding and to have a photography studio.  Yeah, that is the ticket.  But truth be told, that dream isn’t meant for now. I’ve got some years left.

Lastly, I leave you with my favorite cloud shot of the day. I took this not long after getting barked at by a thankfully friendly German Shepard.  I know this dog from the route so I wasn’t worried.  I stopped to pet the dog and looked up. I see a flying bird in this image. That is how I felt today. I could fly. I sure did need a day in the country.


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