2012 Film Project – 2 months & 3 rides

It seams I have fizzled a bit on my film project. It’s not that I haven’t been thinking about it nor is it because I no longer enjoy film. Nope. Not at all. I just was planning for my trip to California and knowing I was not going to shoot film on that trip, I sorta let it go. Truth be told, I’m pretty darn excited to get out and shoot film. In fact, I almost shot film the other night but I ran out of light and the film I had just wasn’t going to cut it.

Today I bring you several images that span 2 months and 3 different bike rides. Again, I found myself pushing TriX 400 to 800 to get that extra stop. I also like the contrast. Falling into old habits here, but I am committed to breaking them in the future as I just purchased 5 rolls of color film for the coming months.  These images I am sharing today have a different perspective because a friend of mine loaned me a 35mm to shoot. It’s still pretty wide, but to me it sure looks fairly narrow compared to the 21mm Voigtlander I’ve been shooting for much of the year.  Hope you enjoy them. I particularly like a few of them.

Ride # 1 – I shoot this corn crib all the time and in all seasons. It has sort of become a regular stop and shoot place for me. It is also the exact furthest point from my home on one of my normal loops. One of these days, I will pull together a gallery of just images of this barn. I don’t know why, but I just love it.

Ride #2 – Ben Witt and I were riding the Milltown Cycles Rawland Fall gravel route prior to our trip to California. Incredible day with some very cool landmarks along the way. The first couple are an old mill that is no longer there. It’s walls remain and that is about it. The second set of images are my favorite barn on the route. I love the valley that it is in as well. So scenic and remote feeling. It’s a great climb and decent to get there as well.

And here are the last 2 shots of this post. In this blog post it is ride #3 but in reality I snapped these prior to the other two above. I only took my camera out once and the bugs were so bad I didn’t want to stop again. I just like these because of the overall feel of the image, the rolling land scape and the fact that it was an incredible night with friends. That last part about friends likely overshadows everything else, at least for me.

But…Even though I didn’t shoot much film over the last few months, I look at these and immediately have a connection to the images that I don’t always see in my digital images. Some might say it is because of the mystery of film and how much time and money you put into processing them that you have to like them. I, however, believe it is something different. It isn’t just one thing, just the overall feel of the image. I simply love it.

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