The Crew @ Fish Creek Canyon wash

Taking it all in. Thinking back. Looking forward.

This is probably my favorite image as well as my favorite group shot from last week. I took it toward the end of second day. We were tired and weathered already. We paid for every mile up to this point. The moment captured above we stopped to not only rest in the shade, but take in the vast, beautiful and incredible landscape we were in.  I bet each and every one of us at that point had no idea what was in store for us in the final 25 or so miles of the Anza Borrego desert.

As I look at the picture I imagine all the things that led up to this point as well as what came after. What a great group of folks. Each of us on different paths and in different places, yet thanks to bikes, friends, dreams and the internet, each of our paths led us to that exact moment to share together. For me, that is the reward and the dominating memory of this journey. Thank you gents!

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