South Metro Metric MTB Ride

I posted yesterday about my new fatXC bike. I’ve been riding a lot of fatbike lately. Last week I did a fairly long fatbike ride I call the South Metro Metric MTB Ride.

Ride to Leb and ride a lap.

Ride to Terrace Oaks and ride a lap.

Ride to Murphy and ride a lap.
Now follow the route backwards.  Another at Terrace and finish at Lebanon Hills. Then…crawl the 2.5 miles back to my home from Lebanon Hills and end the day with one more lap at Lebanon Hills with my son.

Incredible day on the fatbike totalling 60+ miles, much of it singletrack. But it crushed me. But what doesn’t kill me makes me stronger. Right?!

One thought on “South Metro Metric MTB Ride

  1. Big day on the bike. So, much more crushed than if on a standard 29er you think? I’ve never ridden my fat bike that far…..

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