July Film – Two Rides with Ilford HP5

Getting back to my film series today. Excited to share some pics from a new film, at least new to me. In July I shot two rolls of Ilford HP5. I think I am sort of stuck on Kodak Tri-X 400 pushed to 800 so it’s good to try something new. I really liked the Ilford HP5. That said, 2 rolls of film in July are not enough to really establish an overall understanding of the film, especially when I screwed up the exposure of one of them with a 1.5 stop accidental under exposure (I rotated a dial while riding and removing it from my pack).  I do like it though.

Here are my favorite two images, one from each role.

Morning light with friends
Finding Gravel

Overall, it missed a bit of the contrast I have grown to love. I added a bit of contrast to each of these lo res scans in Lightroom. But, again, I need to shoot more of it to really understand the film and where it fits in my film tool box. Right now, I still feel like I want to shoot my film in motion project with Tri-X.  We’ll see.  Gonna keep shooting.

Here are a few more shots from each roll. I suspect a few of these, at least one for sure, will make my end of year “Film in Motion” series.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Regardless of film or camera, I just really love documenting gravel riding and sharing it here on the blog.

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