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Union Station – Ogden, Utah

Whenever I travel, I try to find some time to explore the community a bit. I like to head into the heart of a city or place on a walk or bike ride with my camera. No real mission in mind. I just like to see a new city and give my mind freedom to see and shoot whatever inspires me.

So one morning after breakfast I ended walking around Ogden, Utah and ended up at the Union Station train depot. The depot is really beautiful and has a bunch of old trains that you can climb on and explore. I walked in and out off all the trains there. I also spent time inside enjoying the beautiful and perfect light. I spent some time shooting as well. Hope you enjoy the pics.









And my favorite of the day. Being patient and waiting pays off.


3 responses to “Union Station – Ogden, Utah”

    • Joe, thanks for the comment. Good eye. That last one is my favorite. I call it Waiting. Glad you are bringing your camera with you today. Hope you get something that makes you smile.

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