Living Life – Japan

Today, my tribute to living life is about work, riding and finding motivation. A couple months ago, I traveled to Japan for work. It was an incredible journey. I haven’t talked much about it, but this week words finally started coming out. I am going to share a link to something I’ve written over on the Salsa blog, my place of employment. There are a number of images related to the post over there so I encourage you to go take a look.

Click on the picture above to take you to the story on the Salsa blog. My post over there goes live at 6:00AM central time.

My life lesson buried in all those words and images is that I had to let go of having each and every detail worked out for that trip. For many not having those details would make life difficult. However, I found out on this trip that you had to trust it would all work out and that what ever gear, or clothing or whatever would get you through to the end.

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