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Morning @ Murphy

Yesterday, I got some saddle time at Murphy with Benton. We met early (6:00AM) not expecting to see anyone. I figured we’d be doing the cobweb sweep. Thankfully someone else was crazy enough to be hitting dirt at 6:00AM and he rolled out a few minutes ahead of us clearing the trail. It was a sweet morning.

I’ve written previously that I have been struggling to get consistent ride time in. I’m trying to get back on it with some consistency. Riding my fat XC bike has been great. I’m loving it…Except for when my body feels like crap. Yesterday was one of those days where I just didn’t have the strength to get those fat wheels spun up. It didn’t help that Benton was on his Spearfish 1 either. Regardless, I could have been on any bike and I would have felt slow yesterday. Thankfully, we just cruised, snapped a few pics and chatted away.

Even though my body felt like crap, at least I got out and at least I got to experience a beautiful morning with a friend. There aren’t many things as good as that and I am thankful. I’m hoping to get out both Thursday and Friday this week as well so this will be a good week for me riding wise.

Speaking of riding on Friday. Friday is the coffee ride. We are heading out of Farmington Dunn Bros at 6:30AM. I’ll be there at 6:00 if anyone wants to join me for coffee before the ride. Otherwise, be ready to roll at 6:30.  I’ve got a nice loop planned and you should be able to make it work at a fairly early time.

Lastly, I am not sure I can get it finished, but I may be on a new bike by Friday AM. We’ll see if I can get one of the two new bikes I’m building finished. If not, I’ll be on my trusty Fargo. See you there.


2 responses to “Morning @ Murphy”

  1. Yup, precious time on the bike when the body feels like crap. I know that moment well. I try to remind myself it’s time well-spent, regardless, and it all goes in the “bank” for that ride down the line when I feel like a champ.

    I like your new(ish) site, Gnat.

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