Daily Inspiration #360 @ SteveHuffPhoto.com

Kind of a crazy afternoon yesterday. I submitted 3 photos to www.stevehuffphoto.com as part of his daily inspiration series. Since I have never really shared my photos other than here, I was a bit nervous. Within minutes of submitting, I got this note back from Steve Huff himself.

These are great! I will post them soon.

Shortly after, my site traffic went up quite a bit. I looked at where traffic was coming from and it was from Steve Huff’s site. Thank you Steve. I can’t believe I made your site from my little place here on the internet. My 3 bicycle travel inspired photos were posted as Daily Inspiration #360. Thank you Steve Huff Photo. See them here.

If any of my bike geek friends need any motivation to check out his amazing photography site, one of my photos is new work from my recent trip to Japan. It’s the first time I’ve shared it so make sure you head on over there to check it out.

For all the photography folks that landed here from Steve Huff Photo, I just want to say thank you for visiting. I hope you enjoyed my site while here. Also, thanks for the words, the critiques and the encouragement in the comments over there. I can’t thank you all enough.

Thanks again.

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