Random Thoughts and Images

I’ve written before about how busy life is right now. It’s still going strong, but I’m starting to feel a change on the horizon. It’s a long ways away, but it’s at least visible. Not much time to write, but I have been taking pictures. Here’s a brief snapshot of what I’ve been up too.

Breakfast @ an Adventure Cycling Leadership Training Course

Adventure Cycling Association had a Leadership Training Course here in the Twin Cities. I am a board member on the ACA and having the LTC in my hometown was a special treat. After an early morning ride, I got to stop over and meet the 20 or so individuals that were taking the course. The LTC is where bicycle tour leaders are trained. From the looks of this spread, tour participants on ACA trips eat well. For more info on the ACA and LTC, click here.

Milltown Cycles Tuesday Night Ride

I also hit up Milltown Cycles Tuesday Night ride. I only snapped pics in the lot as I put all my energy into the pedals on Tuesday night. It felt great to really push myself a bit. Stunning night on the trails. You’ll just have to believe me.

Soccer. Soccer. Soccer.

I’ve also been going to, and shooting, a lot of soccer. Both of my kids are in soccer right now. It’s been fun to watch this year as they have progressed so far. It’s really fun seeing the teams and each of the individual boys and girls develop their skills. It’s also given me a chance to try to shoot something new and different. Still learning, but I’m starting to get some good images. I’ll share those next week.

Lastly, I am out until Monday. Taking time away with my family. More on this next week as I also hope to get a big long multi surface ride on my Fargo on Saturday.

See you all on Monday.

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