Schools Out – Time to Ride

Last Friday marked the final day of 3rd grade for my twins. Amazing kids. Crazy how much they’ve aged and grown up in this past year.  All joking aside, they are incredible kids and Jen and I are really proud of them. This past weekend also marked the first weekend in a some time where we didn’t have a super hectic schedule. No work. No soccer tournament. No big event. Do you know what that meant? Riding! That’s right, riding on both Saturday and Sunday.  I don’t know when the last time that happened.

On Saturday, I rode in the early, early AM, made trail side coffee and rode home to later go again with my boy. Sunday was a family day and we all went. Sweet.  Here are a few pics from Saturday of my boy burning up the trail. We got him a bike with gears on it and he’s tearing it up. Super hot but it was still nice in the woods and on the trail.

Thankfully, mountain biking isn’t just a boys sport and we got out on Sunday with the girls. Here are my girls tearing up the trails too.

Two last pics of my kids going through one of the new big banked turns at Lebanon Hills.

We all had fun. It’s what we needed. I can’t wait to go out again.  Riding bikes rules. Pass it on!

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