Getting Fat to Get Lite

Fat isn't just for winter

Maybe it’s because I have seen Reveal the Path movie 5 times since last Thursday and all I can think about is beach riding on my Mukluk in Alaska, but it’s June and I find myself dreaming of riding fatbikes. So much so that I am going to commit to riding my fatbike as my main mountain bike for a bit and see how it goes. Lot’s of others have told me fat isn’t just for winter and I’m going to give it a go.

So that first paragraph explains the getting fat but where does the get light come into play? Well, I am setting a goal to lose some weight AND have fun.  I put some weight back on since last fall and I need to burn it off by riding. I’m going to use my fatbike to burn those calories and have fun doing it on my fatbike. Pretty plain and simple. I just like riding my bike. It also helps that my friend Ben Witt built me some sweet light wheels with Marge Lites and Sapim spokes so my fatbike got quite a bit lighter too.

It’s gonna be fun. Fatbike for dirt. Fargo for everything else. Just as I wrote Monday, I plan to ride the bikes I love just because I love riding. Yep, it’s all coming together nicely.

3 thoughts on “Getting Fat to Get Lite

  1. I rode my fatbike on the trails last weekend for the first time this summer and it was great fun. I have an awesome set of light wheels from Ben as well and the 45North Husker Du’s are really good on dirt. Have Fun!

  2. I took the Mukluk out on some technical single track the other day with some friends. They rode around all of the obstacles — I just rode over them 🙂

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