My 2012 Film Project – April

Since I have been out of the country for much of May, I have not been able to scan my April film photos. I shot two rolls of film in two different cameras. OK, 2 and half but the half roll of Kodak Ectar 100 is still in my Olympus 35RC. But, the news for the month of April is that I shot the following camera.

Canonet QL-17 – A lovely rangefinder that one day I will add to my collection

Yep, I tried out yet another film camera. This one was sent to me by friend Rob. I wanted to try it out before I passed it on to another owner. I loved this camera. It was a bit different as it is essentially a shutter speed priority rangefinder and I normally shoot aperture priority. However, I must say I quickly adjusted to it and loved it. I think this just might be the perfect rangefinder. Solid. Inexpensive. Good images. Exposure. Loved it. My only gripe was that the rangefinder patch used for focusing is very, very light and it was hard to focus in some circumstance. Given I only shot one roll of film though and the fact that I got the exposures correct and most shots dead on focus, it must not be that bad.

After I scanned the one roll of film, I almost didn’t post the images because none of them are really post worthy. However, this project is about learning and relearning so I’m going to post them anyway. The one thing I experimented with this past month was using the focus scale to try to get focus. When I was shooting my son swinging I had a very difficult time. I ended up just estimating where he was at the point I wanted to shoot him and set the focus to that distance. I missed it slightly, but it still gives me an image that is sufficient. Anyway, here are the pics.

Minnehaha Falls Park
Minnehaha Falls
A little candy after our annual Easter egg hunt
Spring time swinging @ the park

Here a few shots taken with with the Olympus 35RC

Morning Gravel – A little rest in the shade – I love my Salsa Fargo
Morning Gravel – On the move
Morning Gravel – One for my barn & silo collection
Afternoon Gravel – One more for the barn collection

I do like the last 4 images posted. These were taken with the Oly 35RC. I have shot this camera a bit more and have gotten a better handle on proper focusing. I also like the exposure and the feel of the images. Very, very pleased with the little Oly 35RC.

Even though I don’t love the images from Canonet, I am still very happy that I tried something new and actually have images on hand. I also found a camera I really like that i think is very, very capable. If you are interested in giving film and rangefinder cameras a try, the Canonet QL-17 is a fine, fine camera. I’ve seen them ranging from $50 to a few hundred depending on condition and color (Black ones are a bit rare and bit more expensive).

15 thoughts on “My 2012 Film Project – April

  1. the Canonet is a great little rangefinder, great to start off with if ur new to this stuff.. but yes, finding one with a brighter rangefinder patch and with better contrast would help when focusing.. but then again, rangefinders can always be a bit of a challenge, especially in low light. keep it up though..and try some different types of film, u might find that u like better than the rest!

    1. Thanks for the comment Pixelogist! I am new to the RF stuff but having a lot of fun learning. For me the learning is what motivates me with this project. Regarding film and film types, I am just straying from my standard Tri-X 400 and Portra 400. I wanted to establish a baseline so I could learn the camera and process a bit with something constant. Right now I am shooting Kodak Ektar and will be trying some Fuji and Ilford in the coming weeks and months.

      Thanks again. Oh and it was fun to see you low tech Holga stuff recently.

      1. yeah, film is inspiring…and i definitely believe it helps u as a photographer…makes u think a lot more than when shooting digital, doesnt it? yeah, good idea to start off with a couple of types of film. my favorite cheap color film is my favorite.. ektar is great, very fine, but very expensive.. and if ur into b/w, check out fuji neopan acros, my fav b/w film. ilford is very good too

        haha yes holga and diana cameras are loads of fun. a true point n shoot camera.. thats all u can do with it, whether u like it or not. point. shoot. haha

  2. My Canonet QL17 is one of my favorite cameras because everything works as it should and the images are limited only by my ability to see. You got some nice results from your trial run.

  3. Damn, I was just considering buying a Canonet QL-17. And now.. seems like I have no other choice!

    Great moods in all of them 🙂

    1. Thanks Laine! It really is a nice camera. I also like that there are enough of them out there that there is good online help available as well as cameras for parts if you do need a repair. Good luck in your search!

      1. I am currently looking for a good offer. I’m putting more focus on eBay.
        Thank you for the information! 🙂

    1. Thanks Rob. I’m loving the Oly and the colors coming from it. Not quite as easy and fluid to use (at least for me) as the Canonet. BTW – Still trying to figure out how to thank you for the gifts. I started something for you, but can’t find the finishing touches yet.

  4. Really nice collection. Cool to hear your experiences going ‘low-tech’ with your photography. The results are interesting!

  5. I haven’t visited your blog in many weeks. Wacky enough, a few weekends ago, my 12 year old son picked up a Canon QL-17 at a neighborhood garage sale for $5. He thought it looked cool.

    It appears functional, will mess around it with a bit when time allows.

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