A perfect weekend

Cuyuna blue sky - Spring 2012

Even though it was a rainy weekend here, it was an incredible weekend. It started Friday with a work outing up at Cuyuna. If any of you are reading this from in an around Minneapolis or in the great state of MN and you have not ridden there yet, you really need to go. It really is a great trail network with a great local community. Last year I went up and it felt and looked like new trails. After thousands of riders and a MN winter, the trails are worked in and the growth is coming back and narrowing the single track. The day we got was perfect too and added to the experience. It was spectacular.

Riding up at Cuyuna really maid me realize just how much I miss riding my mountain bike. I’m embarrassed to say that last Friday was the first time I’ve ridden my mountain bike off road this year (excluding Mukluking). It was great and a bit painful. Painful because I realize how much different it is than riding my gravel on my Fargo or snow/sand riding on my Mukluk. It felt so good. Once again I really need to do more mountain biking as I love it and think that it will help me build much needed strength. I left the weekend with I gotta finish my Horsethief soon. I’m one rear wheel and a brake bleed from riding my Horsethief.

The tough streets of Apple Valley......

This weekend also marked the weekend that my kids got new bikes. They moved up in wheel size and got gears. They are pretty darn excited about that and think they are pretty tough. We are already planning our rides and some adventures. I can’t wait!

Not much else to say today. Gotta get to work and hit it hard this week.

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