Lego’s and Star Wars

I thought I had something for you today but when I processed the images last night, they were crap. I was testing an 20 year old lens on my NEX. On the little screen on the camera, they looked beautiful, but when I put them on my big screen, they looked terrible. So terrible, I couldn’t share them. Pretty bummed actually because it throws a wrench into my Japan tour camera kit. Looks like I’m back to the Sony E-Mount 55-210. Dang it.

Legoland California Star Wars display

So…Lego’s are on my mind. Can you tell? I figure if I can’t come up with good bike or camera content, I better find a way to bring Star Wars or Legos to the blog. In this photo, I bring both so hopefully I can keep most folks happy and coming back.



5 thoughts on “Lego’s and Star Wars

  1. I have two boys – age 8 and 9 – do you recommend LegoLand California? Concerned it is an over stimmulating, long line after long line event.

    1. Jim C, thanks for the comment. Honestly, aside from my love of Legos, it is hard for me to recommend Legoland, California. My observation is that the park isn’t big enough for the number of people it attracts. The # of rides to keep two 9 year olds (I have twins) interested is low and the lines were hours in length. My son was a bit disappointed. So were my wife and I. Regardless, we made the best of it and we had fun. Obviously we made some great memories, but it not something we really enjoyed such as the San Diego Zoo.

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