I had planned on taking today off the blog, but thanks to my friend Rob, I received a care package in the mail yesterday. Inside were 3 vintage film/rangefinder cameras. I couldn’t stop thinking about them. So…Since the theme of this week is film and old time camera gear, I thought it would be fitting to just put up this image I snapped last night. I added my Bessa R4A rangefinder to the collection. It’s not really vintage, but it fits.

My rangefinder collection

Have a great day. If you have a film camera you should consider shooting it today, tomorrow or this weekend. Just go have fun with it. I know that’s what I’ll be doing.

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  1. I have that Canon. The shutter blades are all sticky though, so I can’t use it. Do the old ones all work?


    1. Sticky shutter blades are common in old cameras. I haven’t figured out if any of them truly work yet.


    2. Check online for instructions on how to get the shutter going again. For rangefinders it’s typically just removing the front element of the lens with a special spanner for lenses and flooding the blades with a solvent (e.g., naphtha or lighter fluid) that dries, until the shutter baldes are free of old dried-out lubricant.


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