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Up North on fatbikes

Recently, I had some friends come from Japan for work. They were here for Frostbike. I wrote about it on the Salsa blog last week. It was a great time. One thing I realized when identifying and pulling content to my new website is that I often don’t write or feature any content from work. This is both good and bad. Honestly, my work trips should be over there on the Sasla blog and my ImagineGnat blog should be about my own stuff right? Well, that’s what I think anyway.

So…With that in mind, I am starting to pull some experiences together and write, or rewrite, about them here. I’m starting off with my trip north with friends since it is timely and I can’t stop thinking about fatbikes. In all honesty if I had to pick just one bike right now, I think I’d pick my Mukluk. I can do anything and go anywhere with it. I love it. My twist today that makes this post different than the post on the Salsa blog is the processing of the images. The images today show the experiences of getting out and exploring the world around you. I also think of the old days when folks like Louis and Clark explored the northern territories. I developed a custom, harsh, and grainy black and white preset in Adobe Lightroom 3.6 and tweaked each image ever so slightly to get some consistency. Hope you like them.


It really was an incredible day of riding bikes with friends in beautiful places. What could be better? Well…Doing it again next week! I can’t wait to see what we find up north.

3 comments on “Up North on fatbikes

  1. Steve Fuller says:

    Awesome images Gnat. I love the last one. That would make an awesome print. 😉

  2. Gnat says:

    Thanks Steve. That is my favorite from this post as well. One day when I have my own printer I will certainly print that one.

  3. Cornfed says:

    Love the lighthouse composition. The figure reminds me of images from old Russia while the lighthouse reminds me of time on the New England coast. Old and New juxtaposition. Very well done.

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