2022 – Fresh Start. New Beginnings.

I spent the new year the same way I have spent the past several; outside. I am a bit old fashioned, but I believe starting the new year off on the right foot sets the stage for the year. Given I live in Minnesota, you never really know what you are gonna get in terms of weather. I have pictures from the past 10 years that range from no snow and riding gravel roads, fat bikes on snowy mountain bike trails, XC skiing in a winter wonderland or like yesterday, sub zero hikes in the woods. As I look back at images of starting off my new year(s), the only thing that really changes is the mode of transportation or the way I am experiencing the outdoors. I am always outside either by bike, by foot, by snow shoe, and by ski. The reality I have come to is that no matter the circumstances, the weather or the mode of transportation, I ALWAYS get out for the new year and I ALWAYS have a camera with me.

I think this realization is timely given what I am scheming for 2022! Today, I am filing paperwork for a new venture and LLC. I think many of you may ask me about bikes and my plans in that space? Honestly, I still have zero interest right now. I want to simply ride my bike and take pictures. I am having fun doing that again and my time on the bike is my meditation. Frankly, I am still in recovery mode and discovering my life outside of working in bikes. I spent 25+ years in that industry. While it is certainly part of me, it isn’t all of me. At the moment, I am not ready to reveal the new parts yet as I have a lot of work to do this month to prove the concept(s), get some hands on education and build a business case, but it is time to come out of hiding and start being true to myself.

I’d really like to invite you along on this journey with me. It may be fruitful or it may not. But I have to stop fearing failure & perfection. It’s time to practice what I preach. I have always tried to share and instill the following in my teams, my kids and business partners.

Play hard. Fail fast. Learn. Adapt and go forward.

So what is being true to myself mean? This is what I know and alway 100% true. I love the outdoors. I love adventure. I love being active. I love always having a camera with me. I love to inspire others to experience the outdoors. I love to make things.

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Thank you all. Happy New Year!

Welcome Back to Imaginegnat

It is with great joy that I am reactivating this site after almost 2 years in hibernation. The reactivation is symbolic of a mental, physical and creative rebirth for me. I don’t want to re hash my last 2+ years of my life, but I do want to highlight a few things from 2021 that I think are important and share a little bit about the future of this site!

In January of 2021 a lot was going on in the world, in my work and in my personal life. I took a road trip in January to escape. I was alone in my car driving to Kansas City to see some dear friends. Somewhere in Iowa on I35W I made a commitment to myself that this was the year I was going to make the changes I needed to feel good and take back control of my life. At that moment, I did not have a specific plan, just elements of what I wanted to prioritize and work towards. Looking back, it was this very moment that my life changed for the better. I was on a new road and journey. I was in control, or at least starting to take control.

Fast forward to today and here are are few high lights and significant changes in 2021. My twins’ graduated high school and went off to college leaving my wife and I as empty nesters! I quit my job of 25+ years. I started riding my bikes again and have re found my passion for bicycles. I have focused on learning, seeing and creating in my photography. I understand the deep rooted motivations behind my love for travel and adventure. I am seeing more clearly and prioritizing what is important in my life. I am finding deep satisfaction, comfort and inspiration in my personal relationships. I see my creative potential and realize that creating things, both physical and digital, are pieces of my identity that will create meaningful work and purpose for me going forward.

Over the coming months I am going to be sharing more about my future. I’ll be adding a formal photography portfolio, a storefront for digital media and art print purchases and cleaning up the archive to make this site more manageable. Lastly, I will be getting back to travel, photography and adventure.

For now, that’s all I am ready to share. I just wanted to wish you all well this holiday season and invite you to come back and follow along! I have a lot planned for 2022. Hope you give me a follow!

I Shoot for Me

I ended 2017 the exact same way I started the year.  I was out in the woods hiking in the snow and cold taking pictures and thinking. Just what I love to do. I am not going to make any huge new years resolutions this year. I will say that I have some themes in my life. Those themes are to improve my health, ride more, de clutter my life in all areas, laugh more and continue on my journey with photography.

In that vain, I need to remind myself that I shoot images really only to learn and because I enjoy it. When I pretend to “get serious” I blow it and ruin the hobby and art that I love. I need to remind myself that I shoot for me. No one else. Not for money. Just. For. Me.

So with that, here are few pics from the last week. I am stoked with how my photography has been going the last few months.  I plan to keep that going into 2018!


Happy New Year folks! Hope you have a great 2018!