Do not create with the purpose of serving others. Create because it is part of you. Create because you have too.

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  • 2023 Framework – Photography

    2023 Framework – Photography

    Photography is my passion. My aim in 2023 is to continue to keep it fun and focus on my storytelling. Here are 50 images shared on Imaginegnat from the past 10 years that make me smile and point to the feeling I intend to focus on in 2023.

  • The Mid South Gravel – 2022 Edition

    The Mid South Gravel – 2022 Edition

    Today I am sharing some words and images from the 2022 Mid South gravel bike race & ride. It’s been a few years since I’ve ridden this event. I wish I could entirely blame covid for that but I can’t! I went to Mid South on a mission to ride 1st and take pictures 2nd.…