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  • All In – My FatXC Bike

    This past summer I wrote about committing to riding a fatbike as my mountain bike. Back then, I was riding a prototype Salsa Beargrease set up fully rigid. Then while in Utah in July, I rode my friend and coworkers Salsa Mukluk with a custom, modified Cannondale Lefty. I wrote about it here, it was…

  • Fat XC – Gamechanger

    Fat XC – Gamechanger

    This summer I have been riding a fatbike as my primary mountain bike. My fatbike XC bike of choice this summer is a prototype of the new Salsa Beargrease. I find myself loving fatbikes more and more as I find out just what they are capable of. I love the traction. I love the comfort.…

  • Floats like a butterfly….

    …..Stings like a bee. Fat XC.

  • Fat XC – Oh Yeah!

    I’m several days into my fat XC project and I gotta say I am pretty darn pleased. I rode both Saturday and Sunday at Lebanon Hills and tonight I showed up at Murphy for a largish group ride put on by Ben Witt of Milltown Cycles. I had planned to go slow to have fun…