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North Shore

Looking Back

Last night spiraled out of control for me (In a good way!) As a result, I spent the evening processing about 20 images for a non cycling publication to review. […]
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Savor Every Moment

At some point in each and every one of our lives, we probably get a slap in the face or wake up call that really makes us remember why we […]
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Up North – Ride #2

When I set this fatbike vacation and trip up, I had a specific goal, or shall I say experience, in mind. That being provide a big, big day of riding, […]
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Up North – Ride #1

We arrived in Duluth, MN around noon at the meeting place, the Tot Lot on Canal Park road. Eki was there already as was Ben. After some brief intros Farrow […]
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Up North – Ride #3

I finally am getting my images and thoughts processed from this past week up north riding fatbikes (Salsa Mukluks) with friends.  It was an incredible time. I usually do recaps […]
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A hard look back

Rest stop at north woods shelter Last night I finally processed all my images from the past week of riding fatbikes with friends in northern MN. You know what, I […]
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