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Shameless Self Promotion – That’s today’s post. Some might remember once I posted about some words I got from Chase Jarvis. One of his old posts read, “Do what you […]
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Living Life – Japan

Today, my tribute to living life is about work, riding and finding motivation. A couple months ago, I traveled to Japan for work. It was an incredible journey. I haven’t […]
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Tokyo – Final Hours

My friend and coworker Kelly Mac sent this image to me this week. It made me smile. It was taken in the final hours of the Salsa Japan Tour 2012 […]
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Clouds – Kyoto, Japan

I spent much of yesterday at home filtering and editing pictures from Japan. Every single time I come back to my computer I find another image that piques my interest. […]
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Fallen Star

I am so cooked. I feel like this dead starfish I found on the beach near Saikai, Japan. I think the schedule has caught up with me. Thankfully I am […]
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