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Gnat Family

Fall Singletrack

I wrote yesterday how I was home with the kids. Perfect day with two bike rides. Early AM ride at Leb followed by a great ride at Murphy with my […]
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10 and Over

Well, on Saturday my twins turned 10! Hard to believe. They are growing up to be wonderful little people. It also marks the end of the fall sports season. We’ve […]
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Final Stretch

We are on our final stretch of fall athletics. Last night my boy had his final cross country meet. That shot above is on the final 200 yards. He ran […]
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That’s my boy!

I know I said I was off for the week to finish some projects. Well, it’s hard to finish projects when you are doing this. That’s my boy. Couldn’t be […]
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No bike content today.  Just a proud dad, a series of images and an encouragement. Despite missing the framing in the first shot, I think this is a fun series […]
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Lucky 13!

Today, you get 2 posts. The second one is coming in about 10 minutes. Why 2 posts? Well…I thought that 13 years of marriage deserved it’s own post. The last […]
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Living Life

I’ve mentioned before that my life is full. There is little down time in our family. That’s not a complaint. We try to make do with what we have been […]
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