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Shameless Self Promotion – That’s today’s post. Some might remember once I posted about some words I got from Chase Jarvis. One of his old posts read, “Do what you […]
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Alaska Dreaming

So…About a year ago I was in Alaska on a fatbike beach tour as part of Reveal the Path bicycle film. This past week down in Dekalb, IL I saw […]
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Getting Fat to Get Lite

Maybe it’s because I have seen Reveal the Path movie 5 times since last Thursday and all I can think about is beach riding on my Mukluk in Alaska, but […]
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Alaska 2011 – Take 1

Originally posted August 18, 2011 The last time I took this flight from Minneapolis, MN to Anchorage, AK was almost 20 years ago. I was headed to Alaska on a […]
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