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Looking Back

Last night spiraled out of control for me (In a good way!) As a result, I spent the evening processing about 20 images for a non cycling publication to review. […]
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Headed Out

I am taking a break here @ ImagineGnat. I am headed out to test my mind, my body and my equipment. Time to learn something new about myself, my world […]
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Final Stretch

We are on our final stretch of fall athletics. Last night my boy had his final cross country meet. That shot above is on the final 200 yards. He ran […]
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Shameless Self Promotion – That’s today’s post. Some might remember once I posted about some words I got from Chase Jarvis. One of his old posts read, “Do what you […]
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Lucky 13!

Today, you get 2 posts. The second one is coming in about 10 minutes. Why 2 posts? Well…I thought that 13 years of marriage deserved it’s own post. The last […]
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