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Back in the saddle

I finally got back in the saddle after taking some time. It seems I have an internal ride barometer that keeps me centered and grounded. I needed some time away […]
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No words today. Just posting something a bit different. Having fun with light at the Minnesota Science Museum.
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Autumn Hangs On

Fall and autumn colors are really trying to hang on. Last Friday morning I got out early with a plan to ride Lebanon Hills. As I was heading over, I […]
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Why I Do It

I had planned on a second installment of Random Thoughts on Gear today, but yesterdays ride was too good not to share. The images below are all from yesterday. It […]
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Barns for GT

Just getting back at my friend GT for all his barns for Jason posts this year. And just for good measure, here’s a windmill for my internet friend from the […]
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I was up late last night working on stuff, in fact, I am still up as I post this just after midnight, and I kept finding myself coming back to […]
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Autumn Gravel

I’ve written before how I like to try to sum up a ride, an event or a place in a single picture. Today I bring you Autumn Gravel. This is […]
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