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Month: June 2012

Tokyo – Final Hours

My friend and coworker Kelly Mac sent this image to me this week. It made me smile. It was taken in the final hours of the Salsa Japan Tour 2012 […]
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End of Season

Last evening was the last game of the spring season. Both my kids were in soccer. I am so proud of both of them. It was so fun seeing them, […]
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Morning @ Murphy

Yesterday, I got some saddle time at Murphy with Benton. We met early (6:00AM) not expecting to see anyone. I figured we’d be doing the cobweb sweep. Thankfully someone else […]
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The Coffee Ride(s)

Well….I think I started something new today. I’m calling them the coffee rides. Ben Witt and I have talked about it before and today we made our inaugural attempt. What […]
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I posted earlier in the week that the Gnat family was in North Dakota. We were back for a special reason, that being celebrating my wife’s parents 50th wedding anniversary. […]
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