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I had planned on taking today off the blog, but thanks to my friend Rob, I received a care package in the mail yesterday. Inside were 3 vintage film/rangefinder cameras. I couldn’t stop thinking about them. So…Since the theme of this week is film and old time camera gear, I thought it would be fitting to just put up this image I snapped last night. I added my Bessa R4A rangefinder to the collection. It’s not really vintage, but it fits.

My rangefinder collection

Have a great day. If you have a film camera you should consider shooting it today, tomorrow or this weekend. Just go have fun with it. I know that’s what I’ll be doing.

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    • Check online for instructions on how to get the shutter going again. For rangefinders it’s typically just removing the front element of the lens with a special spanner for lenses and flooding the blades with a solvent (e.g., naphtha or lighter fluid) that dries, until the shutter baldes are free of old dried-out lubricant.

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