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Month: March 2012

The Important Stuff

Over the past few months we’ve had a few friends dealing with significant things in their lives. Life changing things. This coupled with changes going on inside of me have […]
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Break Time

I took this shot last Friday on my way home from work. It had been a glorious but hard day. It started with an awesome ride, bison & pulled pork […]
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I had planned on taking today off the blog, but thanks to my friend Rob, I received a care package in the mail yesterday. Inside were 3 vintage film/rangefinder cameras. […]
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A wild morning

I live near Lebanon Hills Park. Lebanon Hills is an amazing place. I have biked, skied, hiked, kayaked, camped and canoed all just 1-2 miles from my home. It is […]
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My 2012 Film Project

For 2012, I have committed to shooting film. Not all the time. I have to shoot at least one roll of film, get it processed and print the images. It’s […]
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Leap of faith

It’s Friday and the fact that I made it through this week is nothing short of a miracle. 90% of things are good but I’ve got a few things going […]
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